Tom Gores FlintNOW Foundation Joins Forces with Flint Artist, Local Advocates And Parks Officials To Renovate Basketball Courts In Genesee County

July 6, 2022 | Flint Now

Tom Gores FlintNOW Foundation Joins Forces with Flint Artist, Local Advocates And Parks Officials To Renovate Basketball Courts In Genesee County

FLINT, Mich. – June 19, 2022 – The FlintNOW Foundation, created by Detroit Pistons owner and Flint native Tom Gores, is partnering with Genesee County Parks Commission and Flint native Jamiersen Green to renovate basketball courts in three parks throughout the county.

The first location, Windiate Park, was completed over the weekend, and the freshly painted court was unveiled during a Juneteenth celebration on Sunday. The ribbon cutting ceremony was attended by representatives from all the organizations that worked together to complete the Windiate Park project, including: FlintNOW and the Detroit Pistons, Genesee County Parks Commission (GCPRC), Leader Quality, and Howard’s Helping Hands.

“I’ve always believed the most impactful solutions come from people on the ground, in the community working together to make a difference,” said Gores. “The tireless efforts of local residents to provide safe spaces for kids are truly admirable. I’m proud we could bring everyone together and leverage their vision and creativity to make Windiate Park a vibrant place for children to play.”

Funding for the three park projects is provided in part by a $100,000 grant from the FlintNOW Foundation. In addition to the mural at Windiate Park, courts at William Durant Park and Riverside West Park will be resurfaced and rehabilitated over the next 18 months.

“Community voice and equity are the driving forces in the work that we do, and this collaboration put those factors front center,” said Nancy Edwards, Recreation Programs and Grants Officer for Genesee County Parks. “Windiate Park represents so many things, but unity, transformation and hope are the main ingredients, and the new court design brings those elements to life. We are grateful to Tom Gores, FlintNOW, Jamiersen Green, and Shareka and the Howard family for their continued support of our parks and our community.”

The idea for the parks program originated with Green, an artist and Flint native who founded Leader Quality, a multidimensional creative agency. Green has previously worked with the Pistons organization and approached the FlintNOW Foundation about working together.

The court mural unveiled Sunday in Windiate Park was designed by Green with input from community stakeholders, including Shareka Howard of Howard’s Helping Hands.

“The hands on the court represent people from all cultures and genders, reaching together in common cause, which is to inspire and lift up the people of Flint,” said Green. “Community and equality are the inspiration for this design, as well as the shared goal of ensuring all voices are heard across our city. I’m grateful for the collective efforts of FlintNOW, the Detroit Pistons, Genesee County, and Shareka Howard throughout this project.”

In 2014, Howard and her organization, Howard’s Helping Hands, adopted Windiate Park, with the goal of making the once vibrant park a safe place for children to play in again after years of downturn. Since then, Howard’s Helping Hands has provided free activities at Windiate Park for adults and children of Genesee County, including sports training camps, co-ed flag football, fitness in the park, and a Winter Wonderland.

Throughout this project, Howard and her knowledge of this park and community has been instrumental in the execution of this renovation.

“This collaboration and the spirit of giving is what our community around the park represents, through all we have been through and continue to go through in the City of Flint,” said Howard. “We are grateful for the opportunity to work together to create something positive. We know that as long as we stand together and work together, we will succeed and make life better for our children.”


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